Thursday, December 10, 2015

Repair car scratches without painting or buffing.

Repairs cars surface scratches without having to paint. Dvelup color enhancer restores color to damage that has not scarred below the color coat. Color Enhancers technology works with the underlying cars pigment. For a professional scratch repair without the cost of paint. Can be used on all color cars. Scratches will disappear. Permanent product.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Headlight Restoration - a Viable Business

Headlight Restoration - a Viable Business With Substantial Profits 

The need for headlight restoration has exploded in recent years due to the rising cost of replacing dull and foggy lenses. Ever since glass lenses were replaced with the more stylish designs made of types of plastic, corrosion has been a nuisance. Headlight lens corrosion not only effects the aesthetic value of the vehicle but is a safety issue as well. Therefore a headlight restoration service provides a cosmetic solution as well as a mechanical solution. Providing a single solution for two problems has made headlight restoration a viable and profitable business with little start up cost.
 Those considering headlight restoration need to consider how they will find customers, how much to charge, and what system and products to utilize.
Finding Customers
Service dealerships. Most used cars departments pay outside vendors to make cosmetic repairs on their cars. Schedule weekly visits with used car managers. Normally stopping once a week, walk used car inventory, write down cars needing repairs including model, stock number color. Contact manager for approval.
Offer service to detail shops, dealership service drive, body shops, lube shops, etc. Make arrangements for them to sell the service at a specific price above your charge to them. Place advertising in these businesses to help sell your service.
Advertise to public. .
Potential Profits
 Material cost per pair.........................................................................$4.00
Labor Time: 10 - 40minutes.
Dealership used cars.....................................charge per pair $50.00 - $70.00
Resale ..............................................................................per pair $70.00 - $95.00
(Service drives, detail shops, body shops, etc.)
Retail charge...................................................................................$99.00 - $200.00

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dvelup - Work Smarter Not Harder! - Home - Automobile Headlight, Paint and Plastic Restoration

Dvelup - Automobile Headlight, Paint and Plastic Restoration, Odor Removal.

            "ODOR X OUT"

bleaching effect




for use around humans and animals

easy and disposable

pet odors

smoke odors

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Color Enhancing Treatment for Scratch Repair on Cars. No Sanding, No Paint.

Dvelup Color Enhancer

Color Enhancer

Isn't it frustrating when you have to use one product for paint defects then find and switch to another from your toolbox for faded plastic? You won't have to worry about that any more. Our Color Enhancer products works on either paint defects or faded plastic. Color Enhancer (CE) restores color by infusing a polymer coating into an area of plastic which enhances the color that still exists under the damaged area.
Textured automotive plastics may become weathered or stained leaving them looking faded, blotchy or striped. Various detail dressings may bring back the new look but only for a few weeks. Many dressings are also greasy and can come off on clothes or make a step slippery and unsafe.
CE cures to a long lasting dry finish. CE penetrates to restore below the surface while protecting with a new plastic surface and UV blockers.
Use CE with CE Shiner to minimize defects such as scratches, sap and bug damage.
CE for paint defects is recommended for those familiar with auto paint care. Using CE properly will restore color to defects that have not scarred below the clear coat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Dvelup Automotive Products for the Professional , About Us:

At Dvelup, we manufacture a wide variety of automotive products and processes that help our customers achieve the best possible appearance for their chip repair, headlight restore repair or interior repair to name a few.. Simply put, we provide the best quality and innovative processes around. What sets us apart from the rest? Some would argue that it is the process itself that makes the difference, but actually, it is the chemical compounds that make up our products. We remove the effort needed to tackle these jobs by making our state of the art chemicals do the work for you.

We consistently update our process to adapt to the ever changing conditions and materials used in vehicles today. With the Economic situation as it is, we know that it is affecting many drivers causing them to keep their vehicles longer. Everyone knows that a well maintained car makes your car last longer as well as making it safer to drive so it makes even more sense to offer reconditioning services. If you are an individual and are looking to buy our products for your personal ride don’t panic, while this site is tailored for our business partners we certainly can help you get on the right path. Simply select the contact us page and fill out the form. One of our Customer Service representatives will be in touch with you shortly or feel free to visit and purchase from our online store.

Dvelup Auto Products - Renew Faded Plastic or Trim - Google

Dvelup Auto Products - Renew Faded Plastic or Trim - Google

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dvelup is not only actively seeking to improve ways to recondition vehicles headlights, paint, and plastics but all other reconditioning areas.The opportunities in the cosmetic repair business are still growing.
Headlight restoration is still a quickly growing business you may want to consider because the Dvelup Headlight Restoration System is quick to master, a low cost start up, and has a great profit margin.

Paint chip and scratch repair is another business opportunity to take advantage of. Dvelup's products for this type of repair can be added to your own touch-up tints for improved results and quicker repairs.

Dvelup's Color Enhancer not only assists in chip and scratch repair but can effectively revive faded plastics such as textured bumpers, mirrors and trim .

Want to know more about headlight restoration, scratch and chip repair, or plastic restoration? Then check out the linked info pages on by looking under the departments Headlight Restoration, Color Enhancer, and Paint Touch-up on the left column of this page or click on the FAQ link at the top right of this page.

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Repair Surface Scratches with Color Enhancer, No buffing or painting.

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Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Products.: Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Products.: Repair... : Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Product...